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"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange

The Photographer

Why pets you ask? Kathryn, a Certified Professional Photographer  believes that the relationship between people and their pets is a simple, yet beautiful one. It involves very little language; rather, it is more about feelings and presence. For those of us who are crazy about animals, we understand that. It is the unspoken communication that is in the air between a pet and their owner.

It is an unbreakable, non-negotiable bond that is formed and lasts forever – long after our pets leave our side. Rarely do we experience such bonds that come as close to this except for the obvious ones between a parent and a child. It has always been fascinating to observe how we can be so free and giving with our animals emotionally. That is what Kathryn wishes to capture in the pets that she photographs and to give that back to you as their owners. All aspects of the portrait are important. The expression on your pets face, the light in their eyes and the texture of their fur are among some of the considerations that go into their portrait. Ultimately, capturing their personality for you is her goal.

Kathryn has always had a camera around her neck for as long as she can remember. Dogs and cats have been an integral part of her life while growing up and this endures to the present day. Currently, she continues to fine-tune her craft even further by actively working towards her Certified Professional Photographer designation. This involves rigorous testing of ones’ technical skills with the camera along with the submission of images for judicial evaluation and grading. Her involvement in Canadian and American Photography Associations and groups also serves to continue to refine her craft.
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