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"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange


Welcome to our first dog blog entry! In our Dog blog, we will be sharing with you all the latest happenings and events for our studio.

I will be making it my goal to write once a week and fill you in on what I am up to in the crazy world of photographing animals! The final portraits always look so polished, but I have to laugh at what goes on behind the scenes with posing dogs; picking the right treats to entice their smiles, lying on the floor to get that perfect level shot, sweeping up fur, cleaning nose prints off lenses and so on! I love all of it! It is where I want to be and hope you will enjoy tuning in to the journey behind each portrait as I share with you our weekly stories. We will also be using our Blog to share up and coming events and promotions. So, stay tuned for offers coming your way. Tune in for contests, studio coupons and events that you may want to enter. As always, any comments or feedback you have is always welcome. On our Blog, we will also share with you candid shots of your pets as you send them in for posting. So stay tuned; lots coming up soon.

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