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"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange

Frequently Asked Questions

Signature Paws Pet Portraiture Photography Studio FAQ’s

1. Before the shoot
During the initial consultation prior to the shoot, I will meet with you and your pet either in the studio or at your home. This will give your pet an opportunity to meet with me so the day of the shoot, he/she will know who I am. It will also give us an opportunity to talk about what it is that you are looking for. If you are looking for a beautiful wall portrait, I can provide you with ideas and suggestions for installation by using computer generated software to show what the artwork will look like on specific walls in your home. This will allow you much more of an opportunity to make a solid decision about style and size. There are different posing ideas we can discuss in addition to colour and design ideas such as black and white portraits that are absolutely stunning. We offer many different ideas so it is best to look at what is available and mull over the ideas prior to the photo shoot.

2.How should I prepare my pet for the shoot?

I would encourage a few prepatory steps in order to ensure a successful session. First, groom your pet so they are spiffy! Ideally, if you can give him/her a bath and a good brushing, toe nail clipping, etc. then they will look their best. I would suggest that the bath be done the night before. If your dog has long fur (especially in the eyes), you might consider a trip to the groomer to get a fresh cut about a week before. Often, a cut looks best about a week after as the fur has settled. On the day of the appointment, please take your dog for a nice long walk (no playing in mud or swimming!) so they are thoroughly relaxed at the photo shoot. Try not to give them too much food before coming.

3. What equipment do you use?

All of the equipment in our full service studio is of high-grade and professional quality. I will be using a Canon Mark 111 camera along with a variety of professional level Canon lenses ranging in focal distances. All lighting used are mixtures of strobes and speedlights with a variety of lighting modifiers. In addition, your final art installations will be prepared at a top level lab that uses only the finest quality paper and canvas to produce your images.

4. Fees & Policies

Studio Portrait Sitting fee – $150.00 ($40.00 per additional pet) (plus HST) Our fee includes: The Studio session (approximately 1-2 hours) The Design Consultation Your viewing slideshow presentation and ordering appointment Complimentary 8 x 10 image Driving Distance within 40 km of the studio if shoot done on location Beautiful packaging and wrapping comes with all portraits and canvas orders To express our appreciation, we have a free gift for you! It’s a surprise from your pet! A variety of proofs to choose from, all retouched and edited. On average a session will produce 15-25 different proofs (during the photo shoot, I will take between 100-125 shots to ensure the perfect image is captured) The session fee does not include prints, but feel free to inquire about our pre-made collections; these collections include the session fee as well as discounts up to 25% off.

At the initial consultation meeting, we will require the $150.00 sitting fee. This will guarantee your appointment time is fixed and we are ready to go the day of the shoot without any paperwork to complete. Our focus on the day of the shoot will be on your pet and capturing the perfect shot!

5. What if I need to cancel altogether?
We require at least 24 hours cancellation notice. Without 24 hours, the sitting fee will be applied to your account. This is done because the appointment has been set aside for you and your pet and it is not possible to rebook that time on such short notice.

6. What should I bring to the shoot?
When you and your pet come to the studio, you only need to bring a couple of things. Bring a brush to use for your pet for last minute touch ups! You can also bring your pet’s favourite squeaky toys with you. You will not need his/her leash or collar as we have a special leash to use during the shoot if we need it. We also will provide tasty treats but if there are any specific treats your pet responds to well, please bring them!

7. How many pictures do you take?
In general, I will take anywhere from 100-125 shots during the shoot to make sure I capture your pet’s personality!

8. What happens after the shoot?
After the shoot, I will go through all the images, edit and prepare the images in slideshow format for you to view.

9. Can I purchase the digital negatives?
Digital files are available with a minimum order of 5 files and will come with a release form with rights to print each file as many times as you like for non-commercial purposes, up to a 8 x 10 size. Enlargements and other products are available through the studio. Each image file – $25.00

10. Can I bring more than one pet?
You may bring one additional pet with you for the shoot. An additional pet is $40.00. We can have the two together or separate during the shoot. For more than one pet, the minimum number of shots I take drops because it is more challenging to organize more than one pet.

11. What should I do to get ready?
If you would like to be photographed with your pet in some of the images, here are some tips to follow. Groom yourself and get spiffy! Think close up of your face and body and pay attention to those details when getting ready. Wear makeup (if that is part of your routine), wear solid-colored clothing (blacks or whites are best. Make sure your top does not have a lot of lint or loose threads), shoes are optional, and dress in a style that you most closely associate with your pet. If you live a formal lifestyle, dress accordingly. If you take long walks on the beach, wear shorts and bring your dog’s favorite ball or stick.
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