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"A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera" - Dorothea Lange


Signature Paws Pet Portraiture Photography studio is a fun and professional atmosphere to bring in your family pet! Our studio is completely dog-proofed and dog friendly!! To photograph dogs, not only do you need lots of patience but lots of dog attention getters! We have all kinds of tricks in our tool box to bring out the best in your dog. The studio is big enough for your dog to explore and get a feel for our environment. We also have a large outside area for breaks (and to run off ‘the willies’) if need be. All of the camera and studio equipment is of professional quality. So come on in, sit back and enjoy watching the experience of having your dog show his or her pearly whites for you!
On Location

We can photograph your pet on location too. There are many different locations to think about within and surrounding Moncton New Brunswick. We can come to your home, we can pick a favourite park or lake area to shoot the images. When considering different locations, keep in mind some of these factors so we can choose the ideal spot. Think about the location and how much control you will have over your pet. 
For example, if it is an open park where other dogs go and there is a number of people around, your pet may have a hard time concentrating. Consider your pet and his her ability to handle distractions. Is the area a location where your dog can be off the leash? Does the environment offer a background that you would like to see framed on your wall? I always encourage my clients to envision the ‘final look’ that they would like to have. That is what we will plan for! Location sessions usually take about an hour and a half. Location session pricing is essentially the same as in the studio except for additional travel time beyond 30 km of our studio. For this, we will add on a small fee to cover time/mileage.
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